Favorite Combos

Some Of Our Best-Selling Favorites

Already Paired


Combo #1 (8pcs. Roll & 4pcs. Nigiri)

8pc. Sushi Roll (Reverse), 2pc. Tuna Nigiri, 2pc. Salmon Nigiri


Combo #2 (8pcs. Nigiri)

8pc. Tuna NIgiri


Combo #3 (8pcs. Nigiri)

8pc. Salmon Nigiri


Combo #4 (8pcs. Nigiri)

4pc. Tuna NIgiri, 4pc. Salmon Nigiri


Combo #5 (9pcs. Sashimi)

9pc. Tuna Sashimi


Combo #6 (9pcs. Sashimi)

9pc. Salmon Sashimi


Combo #7 (9pcs. Assorted Sashimi)

3pc. Tuna Sashimi, 3pc. Salmon Sashimi, 3pc. Escolar Sashimi


Combo #8 (Tuna Sashimi over Rice)

Finely Sliced Tuna over Seasoned Rice.


Combo #9 (Salmon Sashimi over Rice

Finely Sliced Salmon over Seasoned Rice.

Combo #10 (Chirashi)

Assorted Sashimi and Vegetables over Seasoned Rice.