Online Ordering Of Menu Items

Online ordering does not guarantee accepted purchases. Thus, when an order is MISSED or REJECTED, we may be experiencing a high volume of orders and unable to accept orders momentarily, the order is too large to be completed within the allotted time, ordered items may be sold out, or other uncommon issues or technical difficulties. Please wait and try again later.


Please review all orders before purchasing as we do not make cancellations, refunds, returns, and exchanges after the order has been accepted. In the case of a mandatory cancellation, the customer incurs a 100% restocking fee on all perishable products. For orders which are slated for pick up “as soon as possible,” a notification is sent of confirming the wait time until the order is ready after the order has been accepted by the restaurant. Online and app orders are usually ready within 60 minutes (120 minutes during peak hours) of acceptance. If you are not sure if the wait is reasonable for your order, we recommend pre-ordering in advance.


Find out in real-time when your food is ready. Watch the on-screen order to confirm when your food is ready and please have your order number ready at pick up. Pick up times are available for online order pick ups. Independent contractors are accepted for delivery services. Please note their policies and delivery times.


By clicking on the "See Menu and Order" button you agree to the terms and conditions above.

Large and Special Orders

If your order is for an important special event (catering, company parties, wedding receptions, etc.), please place the order 90 days in advance. Large orders over $85.00 must be personally placed by calling (941)342-7711. We are not responsible for any unprocurable orders. All special orders are manually confirmed by us directly.


Precaution And Allergens

Some of our menu items contain raw seafood. Consuming raw or undercooked seafood and shellfish may increase your risk of food borne illness especially for the elderly, children under the age of four, pregnant women, and individuals with compromised immune systems. Not all ingredients are listed. Please do not forget to notify us of any allergies.


Allergens: Products prepared may contain eggs, grains, gluten, dairy, shellfish, nuts, flour, oil, vegetables, fruits, etc. Please advise us of your dietary restrictions before your order, thank you.